Stevie Wonder – Superstition – Live in London 2008

A Call For Change — Fairview Institute

With the New Year right around the corner comes the time to give yourself the resolve to enact change. Even on a small scale. In the past year the Fairview Institute has had members who have created change around them, they have lobbied to Joe Neguse’s aid, worked to implement more vegan options on the […] […]

DSR expansion, domestic stocks also traded decimal points… Game shutdown system abolished — Newsdirectory3

Photo = Getty Images Bank. Detergent, real estateInheritance deduction for companies with annual sales of less than 400 billion won ○Inheritance tax arrears extended arrears =The annuity payment system, which can divide inheritance tax, will be expanded from 5 years to 10 years. For property inherited from this year, inheritance tax can be paid in […] […]

Books Reviews (23) — Bookish Leftish Gibberish

Wolf Hall – Hilary Mantel I first read Wolf Hall choking it down as part of a reading list. Trying again on my own time, I could much better appreciate Mantel’s account of Thomas Cromwell’s rise in the court of Henry VIII, as Katherine of Aragon falls and Anne Boleyn takes her place. The sly […] […]

December Results 2021 — Pieces Of K Blog

December Results 2021: Time to wrap it up for the year. Create a better single release for the next single: I’m going to say this is mostly complete. I have planned out the next release. Maybe it will be my last one for a while. I want to better myself in the spoken word field […] […]

A chat with Sandra Sigauke — The Baobab

Can you please tell us about yourself and Shcwits? My name is Sandra Sigauke, I turned 31 recently. I am a Veterinary Surgeon by profession. Schwits is a brand I started because I like creating things, looking good and smelling nice. What motivated you start your business ? I was motivated by curiosity honestly. I […] […]


There Are Some Obvious Conflicts Of Interest In A New Study From A Democrat Aligned Group Calling For Arms Sales To The Middle East. A just-released report by the Democratic Party-aligned Center for American Progress entitled “Strategic Reengagement in the Middle East,” was largely authored and shaped by individuals with financial ties to Israel, the […] […]

Why I’m making promises to myself, instead of resolutions, for 2022. — Life’s Annotations

I find that resolutions can seem somewhat unachievable, which is why I’m scrapping them for 2022. Why I’m making promises to myself, instead of resolutions, for 2022. — Life’s Annotations


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